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2019 ​Lighting Trends You Should Know About – Guest Blogger!

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Author Bio:​ Lisa Wetherell runs the blog ​Lighting House​ – where she writes about her knowledge gained from 10 years of industry experience in the lighting and interior design field. To learn more about how lighting can improve your space, you can follow her blog.

Changing the lighting in your home might be just what you need to transform the entire look of the place. Unlike other interior design fixes,​ lighting is an easy change​, which makes it one of the ​simplest​ ways to freshen up your home. ​This is especially important if your home happens to be a rental!

Below, are ​several​ lighting trends​ that would be great to incorporate into​ your interior design plans for 2019.

Natural Inspiration

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From eco-friendly design to handcrafted ​fixtures​, 2019 is the ​time to embrace​ your connection to nature by choosing energy-saving bulbs and chandeliers made from eco-friendly materials! ​You can also go​ all-natural by picking up simplistic, soft designs made from wood, bamboo, and woven textures.

2019 design trends are all about individuality and comfort. So naturally, handcrafted items are a must for every homeowner that wants to keep up with the trends and add an authentic, homey feel to his or her home.

Industrial Look

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Natural materials and hand​ crafted pieces​ will give a soft, boho look, but what if that style is not your cup of tea?

Well, then you can search for your preferred look in the complete opposite way and choose industrial style décor – which, of course, includes ​lighting​ as well.

In 2019, urban industrial style takes over the scene, stepping up the game from the traditional industrial look.

Unlike the monochromatic palette, which is one of the main characteristics of traditional warehouse-like design, ​this year ​you are urged to use more varied tones. Top that with raw materials and metal fixtures, and you will create an unfinished look with an urban appeal with ease.

You can’t go wrong with metal pendant lighting or warehouse-style fixtures when decorating your room with t​he ever popular​ industrial style. ​Now a days​ the choice of industrial style light ​fixtures​ is vast. So look for fun, unexpected designs, that will offer ​a lot of ​freedom when approaching home ​renovations​, and ​they will​ easily serve as a centerpiece in your home.

Retro Style Bulbs

If you are opting for a warm, nostalgic feel, we have good news for you: vintage Edison-style bulbs are trending!

You can either choose a traditional incandescent bulb or combine the rounded cone shape with modern LED lighting. ​We prefer the LED version for many reasons. First of all, they do not emit heat like the traditional incandescents and are much safer version. Also, as many know, they last much much longer!

Edison bulbs are also a great added detail to industrial design!

Floor Lamps

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Floor lamps are no longer just a piece that you put in the corner of your reading nook to help you see better when diving into your favorite book.

Now, floor lamps are less about task lighting and more about adding a point of interest in your home. As new design tends to use every area of the home, floor lamps can be a great way to make an uninteresting corner full of life. The styles today are endless. The ever popular arched retro lamp is one of our favorites!

Statement Pieces

As ​previously​ mentioned, showing a sense of authenticity is a major part of most 2019 trends. ​Statement light fixtures​, be it in the form of hanging chandeliers with unique forms, or a floor lamp with a sculptured quality, are trending this year.

Take a step further and pick an oversized piece that will draw attention to itself whenever someone walks into the room. ​Sometimes you need to go larger in scale for a dramatic focal point.

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Gold and Classic

If classic design is more your speed​, you will love the comeback of classic shapes and golden ​finishes​ as décor, including light fixtures.

Regardless of whether you are a ​home owner​ with a vintage style home, or you have designed your interior using clean lines and modern shapes, you can use this trend to freshen up your space.

If gold and brass are not a color you enjoy or think it fits your interior, just go for any type of metallic finish. That should give a similar, rich effect. ​Don’t be afraid to mix metals too! No longer are we limited to using only one finish in a space. On the flip side of gold, matte black finishes are just about everywhere you look too!

Artsy Lights

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When it comes to present day design, lighting fixtures serve a double purpose.

Not only are lights needed and used to provide the much-needed illumination of the space, but they are also serving a decorative purpose.

In fact, homeowners and designers have started to perceive lighting fixtures as forms of art – and use them as such.

That explains the variations and innovations in size, form, and style that have steadily been increasing in recent years.

Indirect Ambient Lights

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Lights do not always have to be seen in order for them to create a powerful impact on the home. In fact, hidden fixtures that cast an indirect, dimmed light to various parts of the space are a great way to create a soothing atmosphere.

Go for behind the mirror lights, hidden wall lights, or under the counter lights to add calm and warmth to your hallway, living room, kitchen, and even your bathroom. ​An added bonus of a toe kick light for your cabinets is that it serves as a night light!

Flexible Fixtures

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Finally, LED lights have broadened the list of possibilities when it comes to ways of lighting the space to create not only powerful aesthetics but also make sure that the lights provide maximum functionality.

In 2019, bending lights around mirrors and artwork, or backlit kitchen counters will be seen on a more regular occurrence.


What are your favorite lighting trends for this year? We would love to hear your thoughts and if you’ve noticed any different trends starting to show up!


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