Village Park Eco Home

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About the Project
This net zero ready demonstration home was built to showcase high efficiency building at it's finest! BGI selected the finishes and furnishings for the house, keeping in mind the current trends in residential design and using as many natural materials as possible. The dining room was created as a flex room that could be used as a craft room or children’s play space. The kitchen island was designed in two pieces so half could be moved and used as storage in the flex space. Interesting elements used in the home include cork wall covering, 440 wooden blocks over the fireplace, 150 year old wooden beams taken from old barns, bamboo countertops, natural elements floral arrangements, recycled wood dining table, recycled glass countertops, and a large galley sink in the kitchen perfect for entertaining. 2014 ASID Legacy of Design award 1st place Contemporary Residence winner.