Business Owners

Your clients represent the future for your family, your business and financial growth. It’s important to create a work space that’s soothing yet vibrant, utilizing the appropriate colors to fit with color psychology techniques and positive outcomes. We want to inspire your prospective client to buy, yet at the same time create a warm and inviting workplace for you and your employees.

Every space should be designed with aesthetics and also function in mind. Whether your work space is residential or within a large corporate office building, it’s important to determine how space is going to be used, and then design from that aspect. Function and flow is a priority.

What are the most soothing yet creative colors on the palette? Some colors instigate restlessness and anxiety, while other colors tend to make employees tired. Red is agitating, blue, soothing, and purple inspires creativity. But certain color combinations can contribute to distraction, instead of productive outcomes.

Don’t make the mistake of using the wrong colors in your environment. Allow us to provide an exclusive color consultation that will fit the outcomes you desire. Barbara will incorporate the colors within the work environment to promote peace, productivity, and prosperity. Let us help you get the job done, without any obstacles!

We all know that color affects people psychologically. For decades psychologists have utilized color therapy for hyperactive or attention deficit disorder children, and to stimulate brain function and creativity in adults. Color is an important matter. Think of the importance of the co,or you select for your car. Some people choose just white cars, for instance, and only buy that color vehicle for years! Others choose a different color. Color is a personal preference, yet there are specific colors that we can use to elicit desired human responses. Barbara is one of the only designers in the Dallas area, certified in color psychology as a Dewey color specialist.